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French voiceover.
Difficulties often arise from differences in timing between two languages, for example between English and German. If you are able to, ask for an adaptation as well as the translation. This will help reduce discrepancies in timing between languages and save time in editing. You can send your text in the following versions: Excel, Word, Txt, PDF. If you have a storyboard it is worthwhile adding a separate document containing the full text to facilitate the actors reading. If you do not feel capable of writing your text yourself, it might be worthwhile enlisting the services of a writer. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more. LISTEN TO OUR WORK / VOICE-OVER. SOME EXAMPLES OF VOICE OFF.
VOA Voice of America English News.
2 Lawmakers Demand Privacy Protection, Raise Possibility of Regulating Facebook. 3 More U.S. College Students Choose Diversity Over Free Speech. 4 Are You Crazy About English? 5 Limit Alcohol to Just One Drink a Day, New Study Says. The Day in Photos.
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Aussie Voice-overs by Professional Voice Actor. 32 Jobs done. Professional Voiceover Services Up to 250 words Deep and clear, BBC British accent. 30 Jobs done. 30-Second Voice Over American English. 17 Jobs done. Australian Female Voice Over 60 seconds/150 words.
Hire British Voice Over Artists Online Female Male Affordable.
Male Voice Over Talent. Female Voice Over Talent. American Voice Over Talent. British Voice Over Artists. Australian Voice Over Artists. Spanish Voice Over Actors. English Voice Over Neutral. New York Voice Talent. Los Angeles Voice Talent. Radio TV Commercial Voice.
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Post your job for free, and hire English voice actors or from's' talent pool of over 200000. Sign Up Free. EXPLORE THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE BY REGION. FEATURED ENGLISH VOICE DEMOS. Listen to some of our voice demos below or view more English voice demos.
English voiceovers UK and other accents by Jeroen Kramer.
Hows that for efficiency and a better price deal two voices in one voice casting! And sometimes British, American, Dutch and German clients simply hire me just because they want me to be their English voice. English demos audio only.
English Voice-Over Agency English Voice-Over Artists Actors.
She has a native English RP accent and, due to growing up in Devon, can also perform Westcountry as native. Karina is a professional female voiceover artist providing fast delivery of her voice over work. Ian is an English voice artist with a friendly, warm, neutral English accent with a hint of natural Yorkshire homeliness.
American English voice over VoiceArchive free casting with our experts.
American English Voice-Overs. We offer a wide array of exceptional, American English native voice talents, ready to deliver high quality voice over services for your project. All our American English voice talents are US natives living in their native states.
Cheap Voice Over Services Male Female Actors fivesquid.
EmilySBrooks123 130 United kingdom. I will record a professional voice over of up to 450 words. joannevoiceover 13 United kingdom. I will record your 200 word British female voice over today. StephBritishVO 222 United kingdom. I will Record a British Female Voice Over, English Voiceover Artist.
Petra Vermeulen Native Dutch and international English Voiceover.
Voice-overs like a walk in the park. Im a Voice Over Actor. I work with advertising agencies, production and e-Learning companies by lending my voice to their brand videos, commercials, explainer videos, trainings and corporate narrations to help inform and persuade their clients target market. I do this mainly in neutral English and native Dutch, from my professionally equipped home-studio, in France!
Voice-over Ilse De Vis.
Wil je werken met een pro die elke intonatie of stem aankan, in meerdere talen? Neem dan vandaag nog contact op! Telefooncentrale in 3 talen? Online campagne voor Kinder Bueno. Voice over Ilse De Vis BNI infovideo. Tag-on voor Vacansoleil op VTM.

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