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If you do have the opportunity to test a microphone for yourself before you buy, its good to know that some of them are designed to be used at different distances. According to Bryant Falk of Abacus Entertainment, voice over professional and on-camera commercial and corporate producer-director, studio microphones generally give your voice more bass as you get closer to them.
13 Best Voice Over Microphones from 100 to 4000.
Voice recording microphones and equipment is too large a market to do unguided shopping. Read this article and pick the best voice over microphone from a versatile collection for any budget, learn more about auxiliary devices, and go break a leg making great recordings!
Best 6 Microphones for Voice Overs under 250: Condenser and Dynamic. Best 6 Microphones for Voice Overs under 250: Condenser and Dynamic. Best 6 Microphones for Voice Overs under 250: Condenser and Dy
iSpring desktop e-Learning authoring tools feature a Microphone Setup Wizard that helps you adjust the recording level of various microphone types for best recording results. All microphones mentioned in this article belong to the Other recording devices type. Watch this video to learn more about setting up a microphone for voice over recording.:
The 9 best microphones for voice over work.
Designed with voice over actors in mind, the Harlan Hogan VO: 1-A Microphone is a sweet deal, also at 299. A mic pouch, hard case, quick clip mount, shock mount, XLR cable, and two replacement mount bands are included in that price.
Pro Tools What Is The Voice-over Microphone Everyone Should Own?
The test rig was running Pro Tools 11.2.2 HDX on a Pro Tools PC OSX 10.8.5 and the audio interface was an Avid Omni clocked to a Rosendahl Nanosyncs. After the recording session was over, each microphone recording was top and tailed, and then mastered to exactly 23 LUFS with Nugen Audios LM Correct to ensure each recording sounds equally loud using the K-weighted curve and BS1770-3 universal standard algorithm.
Voiceover Microphone: Amazon.com.
Blue Yeti USB Microphone Blackout Edition. The" Yeti Lives on Top of the Mountain" By David G. Beneke Los Angeles, CA. I have used many microphones, from expensive Neumanns, Sennheisers, Sure, AKG to the less expensive Berringer B2 Pro and Sony. I spent over 8 years in professional radio and 30 plus years doing voice over recording and sound mixing, so I have heard and used all types of mics and I have to rate the Blue Yeti at the top of my list for many reasons.

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